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About Simpl Display

Simpl_display was created by Frank E. Gennari at the EECS Department of the University of California, Berkeley.

This program is free software and may be freely distributed to any interested parties provided the documentation remains with the executable. Simpl_display is still under development, so if you find any bugs in the software, have suggestions for improvement, would like free software updates, or would like a non-Windows version of the software, then please write us an email through the Contact Us page under the About Us category on the left side of the page.

How to Use Simpl Display

  • After Downloading the file, unzip and read the specs at: Shared\layout_viewer\Release\README
  • To run the program simply go to: Shared\layout_viewer\Release\run_sd
  • Double-click "run_sd" and a Simpl pattern file will appear
  • Using the quick keys, you can toggle between different views of the pattern file:
    • Q               Quit
    • R                Redraw/refresh screen
    • F                Fit geometry to screen
    • z (lower)     Zoom in by 1.3 (CTRL-Z to go back to previous zoom)
    • Z (upper)    Zoom out by 1.3
    • m (lower)    Show all layers
    • M (upper)   Hide all layers

    For more quick keys go to: Shared\layout_viewer\Release\Doc\README-input