The UCB-TCAD group is grateful to the Semiconductor Research Corporation, DARPA, the semiconductor industry, and NSF for supoorting the development of our process simulation programs. The Semiconductor Research Corporation has provided very significant support for the modeling and simulation of lithography since 1988, and SRC together with DARPA are now supporting TCAD as a cross-cutting technology for lithography at 100 nm and beyond.





These UCB-TCAD web pages and computational resources used in running our simulators from the web are made possible by a major equipement grant from INTEL which evolved from a mutual interest in advanced EUV lithography.



We would also like to acknowledge:

Kenny K.H. Toh

for the free download of the 50,000 line plotmtv program for viewing surface representations in three dimensions which he developed as a personal project.


We would also like to acknowledge SUN for the tools used in web development.