Short Descriptions of the Simulators


SPLAT is a FORTRAN program, based on the Hopkins theory of partially coherent imaging, that simulates two-dimensional projection-printing with partial coherence.

SAMPLE-2D is a FORTRAN program for Simulation and Modeling of Profiles in Lithography and Etching. It is capable of simulating the time evolution of topographical features of integrated circuit devices during multiple process steps.

SAMPLE-3D is a program for simulating lithography and topography in three dimensions. This simulator calculates aerial images, and simulates exposure, development, etching and deposition.

TEMPEST stands for "Time-domain Electromagnetic Massively Parallel Evaluation of Scattering from Topography". It is a C program that solves Maxwell's equations using a time-domain finite-difference algorithm.

SIMPL System 6 (SIMulation of Profiles from the Layout) is a collection of software for generating device cross-sections from layout and process flow information. SIMPLer - simplified version of SIMPL developed for EE40.

SIMPL GL - new version of SIMPL and SIMPL-DIX for 3D Layout viewing and more advanced cross-section (profile) generation.

These tools are best run using the JAVA client applets under Applications section above.