Directory of Applications

<Educational Applets with Classical Models> **

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Basic Projection Lithography

Basic Aberration Effects in Projection Printing

Deposition and Metalization

Etching and Pattern Transfer

<Technology Applets with Modern Models>

Defect Printability

Pattern and Aberration Interaction

Chemically-Amplified Resist Profile Sharpening

2-Dimensional Chemically Amplified Resist System

Phase Shift Mask Edge Effects

<Technology Innovation Applets with Research Model>

Resolution Enhancement via Illumination

Probe-Based Aberration Targets

Line-End Shortening in Chemically-Amplified Resists

Electron-Beam Probe Formation

Etching (Text-Based)

<Pattern Matching Applets>

Pattern Matcher 2.0 (new)

Pattern Matcher 1.0

<CPU Intensive Technology Applets>

3D Defect with TEMPEST

Electron Beam Formation with BEBS 

3D Chemically-Amplified Resist