SRC / Non-SRC companies
In accordance with our research grant, SRC member companies can receive the latest versions of our simulators. Non-SRC companies must wait for the software export date.

Getting the Simulators
  1. Contact us regarding the simulator(s) you're interested in. Also let us know if you are interested in the source code or just the binary. Those wanting only the binary version do not have to fill out the forms below.

  2. Fill out the following forms:

  3. Submit those forms by mail or fax to the EECS Industrial and Public Relations Office (IPRO):

    Software Documentation Distribution Office
    Industrial Liaison Program
    205 Cory Hall # 1770
    University of California at Berkeley
    Berkeley, CA 94720-1770
    Dana Dee Little
    Phone: (510) 643-6687
    Fax: (510) 643-6694

  4. After receiving the completed forms, we will make arrangements to get you the requested software.

Additional Notes
Please note that we have an agreement with our sponsors to

  1. control export of recent releases,
  2. keep a record of all holders of copies of both old and new codes, and
  3. be in a position to offer licenses for redistribution to software vendors.

Other Software
Interested in other software? Visit the IPRO's software page.